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What we do for the community

Ward Councillor for Ward 38 in the City of Ekurhuleni.
Democratic Alliance’s (DA) Spokesperson on Public Participation and Petitions Standing Committee.

  • To participate in the decision-making of the Council and to represent the local community in that decision making

  • Observe principles of good governance and act with integrity

  • To facilitate effective communication between the Council and the community

  • 19.11.19

    DA committed to resolving speeding and traffic issues in McBride Street

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  • 23.09.19

    ANC keeps the status quo of a broken, dilapidated city

    african national congress, anc, city of ekurhuleni, coe, democratic alliance
  • 12.09.19

    Service Delivery Days effective initiative in fast tracking services to residents in Ward 38

    brackendowns, brackenhurst, brackenhurst clinic, councillor malcolm maifala, service delivery
  • 11.09.19

    Brackendowns police need more resources to keep the community safe

    brackendowns saps, community safety, malcolm maifala
  • 22.08.19

    SPEECH: An unwavering fight for better services continues

    cllr malcolm maifala, malcolm maifala, service delivery, ward 38 ekurhuleni
  • 14.06.19

    DA intensifies service delivery interventions in Ward 38

    brackendowns, brackenhurst, cllr malcolm maifala, malcolm maifala, ward 38, Ward 38 councillor


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