ANC must put people and good governance first by opening Alberton halls

ANC must put people and good governance first by opening Alberton halls

By Cllr Malcolm Maifala DA Deputy Shadow MMC for Community Services

The ANC-led coalition government in the City of Ekurhuleni continues to miss opportunities in generating much needed revenue for the city by not implementing council resolution effectively.

Earlier this year on 16 March 2017, the Democratic Alliance (DA) in Ekurhuleni submitted a motion to council which was supported by the ANC-led coalition government; however, have since failed to carry out the implementation of the council resolution taken on the day.

As part of the motion submitted in March this year, the DA proposed that considering the upgrades needed, the re-opening of the hall needed to allow for sufficient time before re-opening; therefore, City of Ekurhuleni needed to commit to time before re-opening the Alberton Civic Centre Hall for hire as from 1 July 2017.

The ANC-led coalition government has failed in this regard; instead of taking ownership of the failures, they have opted to hide their heads in the sand. Their recent respond to the question the DA asked is testimony to the kind of blame-shifting the ANC and its coalition partners is known for.

In her response to questions, MMC for Community Services, Cllr Dorah Mlambo said the hall did not need major maintenance. However, in reality the DA has learned that the partition used to divide the council chamber and the section of the hall which the public now uses is not in a good condition and needs to be replaced.

Also part of the resolution was that the department needed to advertise the reopening of the halls, however, again in true ANC and its coalition partners’ style; the government in Ekurhuleni is oblivious to what it is doing.

When the question was first posted, the MMC said that the Marketing and Communication Department had not had time to respond; and when the question was resubmitted, suddenly the MMC had amnesia as to which department she represents.

Her response was that, the responsibility of advertising in the newspapers is the responsibility of the Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture (SRAC) department and not Real Estate. Unfortunately, the MMC forgot that SRAC falls under her department.

While she did say there was an article in the Alberton local newspapers, the MMC failed to provide proof thereof, she further said that a notice would be sent out by the end of October, we are now in the middle of November and no such notice has been sent out.

It is rather disappointing that the MMC regards the facility as an alternative Council Chambers, this is in fact contrary to the article which the City of Ekurhuleni sent out to the media. The official spokesperson of Ekurhuleni sent out the information that the work done from August 2015 at the halls was to allow for the building to serve as the interim site for council while the current chambers in Germiston are upgraded.

This is once again a proof that not only the MMC, but the ANC-led coalition government suffers from serious amnesia, ever since their pronouncement in 2015, the only motion relating to the Alberton Civic Centre was submitted by the DA; nowhere is there an indication of council approving the Alberton Civic Centre as an alternative council chamber.

The DA is not opposed to the idea that the facility should be also be used as an alternative council chamber if needed; it needs to be done in line with council resolution which promotes good governance.

If the MMC feels that there the days leading up to the council meeting day should be left open for the city to make use of, then the ANC-led coalition government needs to promote good governance by booking the facility well in advance.

The DA implores the ANC-led coalition government to put the people of Ekurhuleni first and promote good governance by acting in a manner which is in line with the council resolution submitted on 16 March 2017.

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