On a quest to promote community safety

On a quest to promote community safety

On Saturday 25 February, Ward 38 Councillor, Malcolm Maifala alongside leader of the opposition in council, Clr Ghaleb Cachalia led an anti-crime march with the support of; Brackendowns SAPS members and resevists, Brackendowns CPF, Brackendowns Trauma, Brackenhurst and Brackendowns Residents Association, Andre Human and Quinten Pretorious from EMPD Task Team Fox Security, CPS Security and Rawson Properties.

The march, according to Clr Maifala was a ‘symbolic act for the community’. He said it the march was the launch of a three-month campaign aimed at promoting community safety.

Speaking to the community on the day, he said, “Today marks our commitment as the community towards a safer society, it is our commitment to standing together tonsure that we are safer together.

“Part of the campaign includes encouraging neighbours to start getting to know each other, once we can achieve that, we will be well on our way to making sure safety for all.”

The beginning part of the launch will be aimed at promoting safety around the home as well as how to avoid being a victim of hijacking. During the three months, articles regarding safety will also be posted on the councillor’s website, www.malcolmmaifala.co.za.

Clr Maifala emphasised that the day was made possible by the support of all those involved, more especially the involvement and support of the ward committee members. He says, “While I as a councillor had the vision of the event and the campaign, a lot of credit has to go to the work the ward committee put into the event, in making sure of its success.

“Furthermore, I would like to thank the leader of the opposition, Clr Cachalia who took the time to come and support the march, his contribution was appreciated by all who attended.”