Know about the Prepaid Metres project in your area

Know about the Prepaid Metres project in your area

The City of Ekurhuleni has started with a project to replace existing metres with new metres in the area, here are the details you should be aware of.

From which date will the project commence?

The project has commenced. However, the proposed site construction work is 05/11/2018 for Brackendowns area.

How will the workers be identified?

CoE Authorized electricians will have CoE ID cards, and their vehicles will be branded with the main contractors details (Fullserve Services).

What does the contractor need from the residents to assist with and to know?

Desirably, we would like to appoint a CLO who will assist with the distribution of notices to affected stands. Residents need to know that electricians will need to access their properties for the installation ok keypads and training on the usage thereof.

How will electricity outage be affected?

The plan is to switch off power supply (mini substations) to the affected stands in successions. We await power reticulation drawings for the affected stands. A possibility exists that stands not affected by the project directly may be subjected to power outages if they are fed from the same mini-substations.

Installations are planned for Monday to Thursday from 07H00 until 16H00 when the power will be restored. No Installations on Fridays and weekends.

Which areas will the contractor be starting with?

The affected areas for this project are Brackendowns Main and Brackendowns Extension 1. Detailed planning in terms of which parts to be started with will be communicated once we have the detailed drawings for the affected stands.

How long in the current stage will the contractor take to complete the project?

The project is scheduled to end on May 30th, 2019.

Please also give full details of what the project will entail.

The project entails the following work on affected stands:

  1. Removal of old meter kiosks
  2. Excavation work in preparation for the installation of new protective structures
  3. Installation of new protective structures (kiosks)
  4. Installation of new meters
  5. Commissioning of the electrical meters and keypads
  6. Commissioning of the new protective structures
  7. Rehabilitation of site to original state