Helen Suzman – A reminder that we are better together

Helen Suzman – A reminder that we are better together

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the City of   Ekurhuleni would like to take a moment to honour one of South Africa’s   anti-apartheid activists and icons, Ms Helen Suzman; who for many years was   described as ‘A lone voice for justice’.

Suzman who was born in Germiston on 7   November 1917 and has for many years stood resolute for a ‘simple justice,   equal opportunity and human rights’, against a government which instituted a   human right violation against the majority of South Africans through its   apartheid laws.

Her fight for justice extended beyond the   walls of parliament when she would drive for better conditions for political   prisoners such as Mandela.

It is through her work that Mandela said this   about her, “Your courage, integrity and principled commitment to justice have   marked you as one of the outstanding figures in the of public life in South   Africa.”

As the DA in Ekurhuleni, the life of Helen   Suzman reminds us that we are better together as South Africans and are   therefore committed to ensuring that the residents of the city get to enjoy   equal opportunity and human rights.

Furthermore, the DA in Ekurhuleni calls on   Executive Mayor, Cllr Mzwandile Masina to implement the motion which was   accepted by council to afford Helen Suzman the freedom of the city.

As the DA we believe that it is only proper   that the City of Ekurhuleni acknowledge one of its own who have been   instrumental in fighting apartheid.