Protecting rights of teenagers through the Ward 38 Dignity Project

Protecting rights of teenagers through the Ward 38 Dignity Project

With the new that just kicked off, one of the first thoughts we have is that of helping learners with their schooling; and this year is no different.

As the Ward 38 Councillor in Alberton, I have found it necessary to introduce a Dignity Project aimed at ensuring that as a community we play an active part in making sure that teenagers do not miss a day of school.

Society faces the reality of girls missing school due to lack of affordability buy sanitary towels. It is for this reason myself, the Ward Committee, as well as Chantelle Habib have come together to drive this project of giving dignity to all teenagers.

We therefore call on the community to join us in giving children from less privileged backgrounds who cannot afford to buy basic sanitary products. While girls are most affected by the need of sanitary towels, we believe that in a lot of cases, lack of personal care products for both girls and boys is essential to include in the project.

The public is encouraged to start buying and collecting personal care products to contribute towards protecting the right to dignity for teenagers who cannot afford to buy personal care products.

Over the next six months, we will be on a drive to collect a 100 and more packs for the less fortunate to distribute to the needy. The packs will also be distributed through the Alberton Child Welfare as well as other organisations which work with children.

The official launch of the project will take place in March when all organisations involved will be introduced. For more information, feel free to send an email to