Preserving heritage is the ultimate priority – Cllr Maifala

Preserving heritage is the ultimate priority – Cllr Maifala

Following a meeting with members of the media, heritage society and the residents of Pongola Street on Thursday 6 June, Cllr Malcolm Maifala has reiterated his commitment towards ensuring that Brackendowns heritage is preserved.

During the meeting which follows a couple of weeks whereby residents have continued to highlight the state of the first house in Brackendowns, I have emphasised my personal desire to ensure the heritage of the area is not destroyed.

Among the issues raised during the meeting include the need for the yard to be cleaned up as a matter of urgency. In addressing this issue, I have already started engaging the Environmental Health Department so that they may assist with the cleaning up at the property.

It is understood that the property continues to have turned into a haven for vagrants in recent times. This continues to be a concern as crime in the area becomes compromised, an issue I believe together with the police we can address with the cooperation of the police.

Having considered all aspects regarding the property, it is important that council start taking the lead in ensuring that the heritage of Brackendowns is preserved; furthermore, the house in itself offers an opportunity for the community to have the areas’ historical hub.

I strongly believe that the property has a potential of being a place where residents can learn a bit about the history of the area at this heritage. It is for this reason; I am looking at the possibility of submitting to council in order for the City of Ekurhuleni to take an active role in preserving its heritage.