Petitions lack implementation due to a lack of accountability in Ekurhuleni

Petitions lack implementation due to a lack of accountability in Ekurhuleni

The Democratic Alliance in Ekurhuleni is concerned over the lack of accountability by Departments within the Metro in addressing service delivery challenges raised by resident petitions.

During the previous sitting of the Public Participation and Petitions (PPP) Committee, it was revealed that petitions dating back to 2017 have not been implemented or resolved by a number of Departments.

Petitions are one of the key mechanisms used by residents in raising service delivery issues, which effectively compel the Metro to take action on these issues.

Among the outstanding issues included in these petitions include the upgrading of roads and the construction of storm water drainage systems.

The DA welcomes the efforts made by the various Oversight Committees in imploring Heads of Departments to take action and account on the various petitions that effect their respective Departments, however, greater political accountability is needed in ensuring effective implementation.

The DA believes that at no point should it ever be the norm for a petition to remain unattended for more than two years without any feedback or response to the City’ residents.

As part of ensuring quality services to residents, accountability of the Metro is imperative in ensuring the will of the City’s residents.

The DA will continue to ensure that each Department within the Metro is held accountable and responsive in implementing resident’s petitions.