DOWNLOAD: All you need to know about applying for a speed hump on your street

DOWNLOAD: All you need to know about applying for a speed hump on your street

Following the request by residents along McBride and Geranium Streets, as well as the parents whose children go to school at Revival City College; Ward 38 Councillor, Cllr Malcolm Maifala submitted a petition on behalf of the residents during a council meeting in January.

Since the petition was submitted to council, other residents in Ward 38 have voiced their desire to also have speedhumps installed on their streets as well. It is against this background; it is necessary to inform the residents of the process council takes into consideration before a speed hump is installed.

As per the guidelines given from council with regard to the traffic calming applications; traffic calming is commonly used to address the needs of pedestrians, motorists, cyclists and people with disabilities.

It is important to realise that, while traffic calming measures are there to also address the issue of speeding, these are not there to deal with law enforcement matters.

Also, worth keeping in mind is that traffic calming measures are not intended for high order roads which are meant to encourage mobility, or within enclosed areas. Other areas which traffic calming measures are not meant for are industrial areas and central business districts.

On the issue of speedhumps, residents should remember these are meant to reduce speeds, however, that is not the only purpose of reducing speeds. Speed humps are also reserved to be installed along residential streets where the need has been determined.

You can download the application form by clicking below