Share your Great Budget tip by taking part in the My Ward Budget Wish List.

Share your Great Budget tip by taking part in the My Ward Budget Wish List.

As the Ward 38 Councillor, I would like to introduce a new initiative which is a result of the ideas shared by the Ward Committee at the beginning of 2020; the My Ward 38 Budget Wish List.

The My Ward 38 Budget Wish List is a platform whereby residents, business owners, civil organisations, sporting clubs, and managers of council facilities in the ward get to share their ideas on what they would like to see in the budget that affects their livelihood.

The campaign is meant to prepare the public for the soon to take place public participation process of the Draft MTREF IDP/Budget Presentations. The Ward Committee and the residents will be able to attend the various sessions with the confidence of presenting the Wards wishes at public participation meetings.

Through the campaign, the aim is that I will include the community in taking part in having a say with regard to where their money goes. The inputs from residents and stakeholders alike will be presented at public meetings as well as follow ups done with the office of the Member of Mayoral Committee for Finance on the inputs made by the residents.

To take part in the initiative please take not of the following:

  • All stakeholders will be given from 17 February 2020 to 28 February 2020 to make their submission on all given platforms.
  • Stakeholders are expected to submit the following details with their Wishlist, their Full Names, contact number, Email Address, Physical Address, and state whether they are a resident, business owner, community leader, or representing a municipality department.
  • There will also be forms available to fill in at the Councillor’s office which can be filled on Wednesdays on an Open-Door Day.
  • A link to the Online Survey can be accessed when you CLICK HERE or on the Social Media pages, Ekurhuleni Ward 38 Community Facebook Page.